This 175-Year-Old Pedha Was Born Out Of A Bygone Pandemic

Did you know that the 175-year-old pedha, a sweet made from milk and sugar was born out of a pandemic?

To escape the plague in the late 18th century, a Thakur family from Unnao, Uttar Pradesh, migrated to Dharwad, Karnataka. To earn a living, Ram Ratan Singh Thakur started making a sweet dish named pedha, using only milk and sugar and a secret formula.

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With help from his grandson, the sweets were sold at Line Bazaar, and soon crowds started flocking to his stall. The recipe was passed down generations, and the same family continues to make 700-800kgs of the sweet every day.

Even today, this family business continues to flourish but they are sold under different names like Dharwad, Thakur, and Babu Singh Thakur pedha.

Watch the video to know more:

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