High-quality turmeric from the land of spices

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Turmeric is always used in ground form. The powder will maintain its coloring properties indefinitely though the flavor will diminish over time so buy in moderation. Store in airtight containers, out of sunlight. Now you can buy turmeric ( high quality) from us.

Turmeric is used extensively in the East and the Middle East as a condiment and culinary dye. In India, it is used to tint many sweet dishes. Apart from its wide use in Moroccan cuisine to spice meat, particularly lamb, and vegetables, its principal place is in curries and curry powders. It is used in many fish curries, possibly because it successfully masks fishy odors. When used in curry powders, it is usually one of the main ingredients, providing the associated yellow color.

Turmeric is a mild digestive, being aromatic, a stimulant and a carminative. An ointment base on the spice is used as an antiseptic in Malaysia. Turmeric water is an Asian cosmetic applied to impart a golden glow to the complexion. Curcumin has been shown to be active against Staphylococcus aureus (pus-producing infections).

This common Indian kitchen spice has a broad range of beneficial properties. It bolsters the immune system, purifies the blood, and promotes clear healthy skin. Turmeric (Curcuma longa) strengthens digestion and eliminates toxins from the GI tract. It supports proper function of the pancreas, reduces Kapha, and promotes healthy blood glucose levels that are already within the normal range. Turmeric soothes and nourishes the joint tissue and promotes comfortable movement. An excellent herb for those with Kapha constitutions or imbalances, turmeric supports proper function of the heart and helps clear the channels of the physical and subtle bodies.*

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