Roasted Coffee Beans

Roasted Coffee Beans


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Most of us are zombies without our morning coffee. We are unable to function properly without our morning caffeine kick. If you’re looking for coffee beans for your morning beverages, then you should definitely buy coffee beans from us.

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world, with billions of cups consumed daily. Brewed from ground coffee beans, it is a drink that is enjoyed by nearly half of adults in India as a way to wake up in the mornings, stay alert during the day, or stay awake during late nights. Despite its popularity, it has also been the subject of scrutiny and concern when it comes to how it affects the health of those who consume one or more cups daily.

One of the benefits of coffee beans is that they contain an antioxidant called chlorogenic acid (CGA) in addition to other antioxidants. In addition, the caffeine in coffee beans provides benefits such as reducing headaches. Understanding these health benefits can help coffee-drinkers appreciate more than just the taste of their next cup of java.

Good coffee comes from people who care. Who cares about coffee as much as you do?

The answer is Idukki Fresh. When you buy coffee directly from a local roaster you get the important benefit of freshly roasted coffee. We deliver high-quality coffee beans from Kerala delivered to your doorsteps.  Now buy coffee beans from the best online spice shop – Idukki Fresh.


250g, 500g

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