Banana Chips
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Banana Chips

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Banana chips (ethakka upperi) is very popular in Kerala and is served as a side dish or had as an anytime snack. It is also served at Onam sadya. Sliced banana fried in coconut oil and sprinkled with salt, also called upperi or kaya varuthathu in Malayalam.


We provide you freshly prepared banana chips which you can consume and get the flavor of Idukki right at your doorsteps. No matter which part of the country you reside in. We, at Idukki Fresh, works hard to make sure that you are not deprived of the taste, purity and the quality of the original banana chips prepared using 100% original Coconut oil. Be it an occasion of Marriage or Onam or any other event, we deliver the freshly prepared and hygienic banana chips right at your place. Best buy banana chips from Idukki.

Apart from being a tasty and mouthwatering snack, Banana chips are healthy mainly because of the nutritional facts of Banana.

The Idukki Special Banana chips are prepared using the finest quality of bananas. Also, they are cooked in coconut oil for that blissful crispy, crunchy eating experience. A hugely popular snack that decorates the dining tables and teatime tables of most South Indian households. They are loved for its crispy addictive taste.

  • Why buy Banana chips from us?
    Banana chips are prepared only after we receive the order online. We do not maintain stocks.
    To retain the quality of the Banana chips, we ensure that the packing is good enough to withstand the transportation impact.
    All orders are shipped after proper inspection by our quality control team.
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