Can You Spot This Hidden Kerala Village in The Heart of Japan?

Many traditional homes in Kerala villages are built with laterite bricks, terracotta roofs, and have a wide-open verandah with a private swimming pool. However, this Kerala house shown in the following video is located in Japan.

The Little World Museum Of Man in Inuyama, Japan, is an anthropological museum and amusement park that allows visitors to experience the culture and traditions of various countries. This Kerala-style home is an exhibit that represents India.

The house in the museum is named ‘Chanakath House’ and it is the replica of an actual home in Kerala. It was constructed using indigenous materials that were shipped to Japan. Inside, one can find a long verandah, an inner courtyard, and traditional kitchen utensils, and furniture like the Charu Kasera (reclining chair). Apart from this, there are signboards written in Malayalam, and an Indian post office to complete the look of the village.

Take a tour inside this Kerala home in Japan:

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