Attention Pet Owners: Is Your Floor Cleaner Harming Your Pet?

You love your pet. And your pet loves you back!

You take a lot of effort to ensure that your home is safe for your pet. You get the best food for your pet too.

But have you wondered what are the harmful effects of the floor cleaners you use on your floor?

“My dog has to be kept out of the house when we mop the floor with a phenyl or a conventional floor cleaner. He just can’t stand the smell!”, says Mithila, proud owner of a labrador in Navi Mumbai.

Did you know? Most conventional floor cleaners have the following key ingredient:

Benzalkonium Chloride

“Benzalkonium chloride has repeatedly demonstrated its toxic characteristics in laboratory, experimental, and clinical studies. This compound is known to cause extensive damage to the eyes, such as tear film instability, loss of goblet cells, conjunctival squamous metaplasia, apoptosis, damage to deeper ocular tissues, and disruption of the corneal epithelium barrier.”
Source: Naturalpedia

And our pets lick the floor so often! How do we prevent them from getting this harmful chemical in their bodies?

Photo by Jayson Lorenzo from Pexels

The answer is to switch to non-toxic floor cleaners for your home. To address this very problem, we, as pet lovers, designed The Better Home Floor Cleaner.

You can get your first bottle by clicking right here!

The Better Home Floor Cleaner is

✅ Non-toxic ✅ Allergen-free ✅ Phosphorous-free ✅ Acid-free

Get your pet-friendly (and eco-friendly) floor cleaner today! And join thousands of pet-lovers who are making their home safe for their pets.


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