5 Ways To Celebrate An Eco-Friendly Independence Day At Home

Independence day celebrations have moved to the virtual space this year. This has come as a blessing in disguise to the environment! The large amount of plastic generated
during such events will hopefully reduce to a great extent.

Thousands of plastic flags clog drains and put several stray animals at risk.

Let’s take benefit of the virtual celebrations and look for eco-friendly ways to celebrate Independence day at home.

Here are some sustainable options you can try!

1. Opt For A Seed Flag

Eco-friendly Independence Day

Several businesses have dropped the idea of plastic decorations and balloons and have started opting for eco-friendly options like seed embedded flags.

With the base made from recyclable paper, these flags are embedded with fruit and vegetable seeds and can be planted after use. These seeds grow into plants even with minimum moisture in the soil. This can benefit the environment greatly and stays as a memory of the celebration in your garden!

2. Independence Day Decorations From Newspapers

If you have old newspapers lying around the house, these simple flower-shaped wall hangings can make a great activity for children on Independence day. Here’s how you can make them:

Follow the simple steps below:
1. Cut a rectangle with one side twice as long as the other.
2. Secure the strips in the centre.
3. Pull the edges together and fix.
4. Use tricolour circles to decorate.
5. This can be tied with thread to hang side by side from a string for great paper hangings.

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3. Streamers From Tailor Scraps/ Old Cloth

Eco-friendly Independence day

It’s time to bring out all that old fabric lying around to create some amazing streamers! Just cut them up into perfect triangular pieces and stitch them together. If you can’t manage to find the right colours for the streamers, ask your local tailor for some scraps.

4. Indulge In Cleaning Your Surroundings

Charity begins at home and what better way to clean up your country than to begin with your neighbourhood? Whether it is picking up the trash from your housing colony and installing proper dustbins, to taking up the responsibility to clean up cement waste, repairing walkways or leakages; this 15th August you can free your neighbourhood of garbage.

5. Plant A Tree This Independence Day

A great way to honour our country is to bring more life to our planet. Just plant a sapling in your neighbourhood, or a bunch of bushes, if you are restricted for space. All you need to do from here on is to water the plant as and when required. Just one sapling per person, in a neighbourhood, can do wonders for a city, and the country!

Inputs from beautifulbengaluru.com

(Edited by Saiqua Sultan)

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